Open Learning

For Believers, skeptics, and those who are in-between.

Let’s get straight to the point of this—it’s not self-edification whatsoever.  In fact, Open Learning is…

* For Believers of the Christian faith to fellowship, grow in our understanding of the Word, and to develop ourselves in our spiritual growth through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,
* For Skeptics of religious beliefs to challenge their disbelief by learning
more about Christianity, our beliefs, and our faith,  and
*Those who are in-between being open to accepting Christ and needing more information on how to be a positive disciple

There’s no time commitment, just a willingness to learn and to share.  We’re all at different places in our walk (and different locations, denominations, etc.), so we definitely have a lot to learn from one another!

On Tuesdays, educate yourself through a “practical ministry” course inspired by OBC E-Learning. These newsletter-style lessons are straight-forward, Bible-based truths to strengthen your daily walk. They are also a great resource to share with others in your circle!

Also, each Wednesday, there will be a post on a particular topic, Bible verse, or something else related to our faith.  From there, we can discuss the topic in the comments section.

Please refer to the rules of this blog regarding comments.

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