Onward to 2015

Hello friends!

It’s been several weeks since my last post—intentionally!—and a lot of living has happened. The peace of mind that comes from knowing people still stop by it and read it is a blessing. Because of that energy, I’d like to close 2014 out early, in blog form at least, and make my 2015 declarations know.

Declarations of TheSpiritedNerd for 2015

I, TheSpiritedNerd, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and fervor of the ambition He placed within me, declare the following:

  • 2015 will begin with the Total Life Challenge at Lakewood Church to start on an ambitious foot.
  • TheSpiritedNerd image will integrate into my main website, no longer separated based on context and the assumption that they do not “fit together.”
  • TheSpiritedNerd’s most popular posts will be compiled into a devotional for early 2016 release.
  • Training and development as writer will be a standard for the year, so that I am able to effectively communicate the Word.
  • Vlogging will compliment TheSpiritedNerd image. This will not begin until clear direction is provided.

These five tasks are not small. We tend to think that a long list of things to-do, a bigger showmanship in the “I’m busy” department, warrants more time or attention. These five things will take most of the year to solidly incorporate. These things will take patience. I’m lacking in that department, as of the time of this posting lol. I’m just eager for God’s miracles!

The next entry in this blog will simply be to tell you when the site has moved. This phase is over.

Nonetheless…there you have it, friends. After all, you’ve kept me accountable for several years.

God bless, peaceful holidays and happy new year!

~ Ashley



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