Ergo, Lo(o)se the Ego


noun: ego; plural noun: egos

a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.

I am combating egotism with the Word, Amen! A healthy self-esteem rides the “big ego” line a little too close at times, concealing the fact that a humble spirit accomplishes much more. In fact, Proverbs 22:4 teaches us that, “Humility is the fear of the Lord; its wages are riches and honor and life” (NIV).

As I launch further into my destiny, I am learning that self-restraint is necessary. Opportunities are coming from various directions to see and do more than I ever dreamed; and I am excited but I don’t want to burn any bridges. The connections—both real and superficial—that I have at this time do not define me. Sure, they definitely impress me and those around me (lol) but they do not make me who and what I am.

Today, after reaching out to a potential business affiliate, I found myself ready to read her the list of the things I’ve accomplished within one year’s time. As I mentally prepared my list of Wins, I felt something awful in the pit of my stomach. I’d like to think it was hunger pangs but I know better! It was the Holy Spirit, who lives within you and me, letting me know I was heading in the wrong direction. If I would’ve done what I wanted to do in the heat of the moment, I could have potentially damaged a relationship before it even began. Even worse, I would have stifled my next blessing.

I know, and believe this, without a doubt.

So, when you feel yourself wanting to “read someone,” (as some of us say these days) or use an opportunity to boast about what you’ve done, take a moment and think. Guard your path from your tongue and watch your ego. After all, greatness speaks for itself. Who really wants to hear someone toot their own horn about their “greatness” anyway?

~ Ashley


One thought on “Ergo, Lo(o)se the Ego

  1. Charmette Fontenot

    Amen Ashley! We serve and Amazing God and His word tells out to let another man praise you. I know for a fact I feel unconfortable when I have to talk about myself… But what I love about God is that He will keep us hidden until the time comes for Him to present to the word some of the gifts and accomplishments He has so richley blessed us with!


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