Learning by Extremes (Part 1)

DISCLAIMER: One curse word is referenced in this entry. I understand that some of my readers do not use such language, so this is a nod in consideration to you.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they will be filled.” – Matthew 5:6

“God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:19

I’ve often said to a loved one that there is one area with God’s command over my life that I was unwilling to accept, but we’ll leave that for Part 2.  Today’s testimony? Through unfortunate extremes, I’m not submitting to God’s command over my finances that well. I won’t say “was not,” because I still have further to go on the journey I kicked 15 years ago; but I am confessing the victory now. The milestone is on it’s way, I confess!

While revisiting some of the things I’ve shared on this blog over the years, I saw the reoccurring pattern of financial difficulty. My understanding, for well over a decade, was that my woes came from not earning enough and the misappropriation of funds. I eventually gravitated towards the acceptance that I am in control of the money I (temporarily) possess and whatever it does—or does not do—is a success or fault of my own doing.

Yes, I have student loan debt. I made (and continue to make) the choice to pursue higher education. I declare that the advancement of my knowledge, one of the few things the world cannot take from me, will expound in directions that continue to keep me financially sound.

Yes, I have medical expenses that I have struggled with. I made (and continue to make) the choice to do whatever I can to be of sound body, mind and spirit within reasonable means. I declare that the proper care and feeding of this vessel is my highest priority and I will do what I can to tend to it.

Yes, I have made absolutely stupid moves with money. I made the choice to spend my earnings how I wanted and the outcome rests solely on me. I declare that the habit is resolved and I do not depend on what isn’t currently in my account/wallet/pocket to “tide me over.”

Yes, I have had collection calls. I made a choice to not voice my circumstances to those around me who could help—either with funds, referrals, or the blessing of their wisdom—and the outcome of those experiences were warranted. I declare that I don’t like speaking on the phone that much as it is *chuckles* but I’ll never speak to a collection agency again.

Yes, I have sought counsel. I made a choice to get under the teaching of those who know much more than I do about finances, so that I don’t have to wonder and live in anxiety anymore. I declare that the instructors and the instruction placed before me will lead to many days in the black and not in the red.

Debt ain’t no damn “rights of passage,” people. Get this out of your mind right now, TODAY. We are children of The Most High, and He proclaimed we are heirs to all that He has for us. The only rights of passage we need is the confession of our faith and belief in what Jesus did on the cross.

These are my thoughts. These thoughts are now my actions. The lesson was hard! The constant repeating and cheating on this test has kicked my tail for as long as I’ve been in the workforce. I will not be failing anymore.

~ Ashley


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