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Recently, I had the pleasure of celebrating the birthday of one of my sister-mentors, multitalented Charmette Fontenot. I had not seen her since I relocated from Los Angeles; and even though she is a Houston resident, almost two years got away from us. It wasn’t until we spoke a few days later that I realized exactly why God allowed so much time to go by. Ms. Fontenot is not only a writer, director, producer, actress, and choreographer (talk about “multifaceted!”)—she is a gifted minister.

This gifted minister had a message for me from the Lord, too.

As my work and entrepreneurial endeavors are growing, I receive messages frequently from people telling me to keep moving forward and that they are proud of my accomplishments. It is exciting and greatly appreciated! The difference with Charmette’s message? She told me something only I know I’ve been discussing with God. She shared words I’m praying about. She mentioned something through Scripture that no one knew was on my mind but Jesus. I’d like to say that she wasn’t aware, but come on now…nothing happens by coincidence!

To honor her obedience in the Holy Spirit, please check out the information below:

Credit: Shamelessly Saved Productions

Hello Everyone! Shamelessly Saved Productions is having a book Sale and we need your help. Shamelessly Saved Productions is a Non-Profit organizations that places on stage plays for hurting people in order to bring healing through dramatic interpretation. Teenage Playground of Love is on sale now for $10.00.

Your $10.00 will help us to continue our mission of placing on stage plays in order to bring awareness and to help divert self-destructive behavior in our youth. Please help us and support our mission by purchasing your copy today.

Written by Charmette Fontenot

Please visit our website at if you would like to make a donation of any size.

If a tax write off letter is needed please make us aware of your gift and a letter will be mailed.

Also, if you’re in the Houston area on Saturday, July 19th, come and experience Clouds of Glory, presented by Powerhouse Women’s Ministry. Charmette and other amazing women will be there to praise our Father and encourage one another. I’ll even get to share the stage with them!

~ Ashley



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