Underestimating and Overpromising

*Glances back at today’s title* Yes, I am guilty. This past week was a total eye-opener of this as well. I am what the DiSC assessment refers to as an Innovator + Influencer. I’m motivated to trail blaze, to  discover new things and earn recognition. I’m also plagued by busyness—doing too much, starting too many things and (more recently) difficulty with structure.

If you’ve read my blog for some time, you might be aware of how often I write about being too busy. It’s not a new battle for me! I’m at a point now where I genuinely have to pencil people into my schedule and I’m not proud of that. In fact, it seems pretentious to me. So how does one distinguish busyness from…well, busyness?

I started looking for tips and tricks. I started looking for guidance on how to not feel so overwhelmed. (And I used to be rigid when it came to structure, so much so that I would become infuriated when running late. After making the decision to uproot myself from California almost 2 years ago, it’s been difficult to strike a balance, but it’s imperative that I do so.) While looking, I ran across 1 Timothy 5:13 (NIV):

…They become idlers, but also busybodies who talk nonsense, saying things they ought not to.

Is this the path that I’m heading towards? Will “doing the most,” as I often call it, do me in? Do I want to be guilty of underestimating my time and overpromising things to those I value? Absolutely not! Although the entire chapter has much more to say, this verse stuck with me. Talking nonsense causes people to lose trust in you. Talking nonsense causes more people to look at your faith as worthless and hypocritical.

If you find yourself wondering where the day has gone, and have little to show for it, you might be at a point of reassessment in your life as well. Don’t be a busybody. Delegate, breathe…and say “no.”




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