Guest Feature: Are you talking to me, Lord?

I’m honored to share this with you, as it’s from one of my sister-friends. T.M. Washington is always open to/for/with me for dialogue, a laugh and a dose of wisdom—at all hours of the day. Thanks to us both being in metro-Houston, she is able to pop in on me from time to time, despite what’s piled onto our schedule. I hope you enjoy reading her message!

I always find it absolutely amazing how I can feel perfectly fine encouraging those around me to trust in the Lord, pray and have faith. Yet when I am experiencing something seemingly overwhelming or painful, I limit God’s power to my own abilities. Recently I have been experiencing a movement in my life that I strongly feel is the prelude to a beautiful blessing.  However, for more than a week, I could feel my resolve dissipating. I couldn’t see a resolution to my troubles, only a more troubled path. I was nervous and weary, worried and stressed. I knew that it wasn’t good for my situation or my spirit.

This morning I awoke half an hour earlier than my alarm again for the fourth morning in a row, the first thing on my mind being my problem. I said my morning prayer and started my day. During the hour drive into work, I started thinking about this problem again and sighed deeply. I said aloud, “Lord, I need help.” Even to my own ears the word “need” sounded so desperate that I just wanted to burst into tears. Instead, I sucked it up and continued with my day as usual. Out of the blue, a co-worker who is at least ten years older than me, and is usually the person offering advice, pulled her chair around to my cubicle, and started to quietly pour her heart out about her family. I could tell that she really just needed to talk so, to offer a little more privacy we went into an unoccupied room.

After listening, I said, “I say this understanding full and well that I need to hear this myself. You asked God to bless you with this and He has. Ask yourself if the feelings you are having are of God. Know that Satan only attacks you when you are on the path that God wants you on. Don’t fear trouble because it cannot last too long. Wait for Him.” Even though I had specifically said aloud that I knew these words were meant for me, I still wondered to myself “Are you talking to me, Lord?”  Later, as I’m eating lunch with a friend, she offered me the help that I had so desperately pleaded for that very morning for no other reason than she just wanted to.

There is obviously more to the story, but this is the most important part. Sometimes when you are in the center of a storm, your own voice is the only sound you can hear. God will use it to speak to you. All you have to do is listen.

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