No such thing as “Perfect.” (Or, Embracing What’s Right for You)

I am the first to admit it—I have spent a decent chunk of time displeased with where I’ve lived. Although raised in the Midwest, I called Southern California home…after leaving it for the South. In the in between, there have been squats plopped in other cities, but I didn’t feel at “home” until I lived in South Bay.

Now that I am less than 6 months shy of being a Houstonian for 2 years, I’m preparing for another move (within the city) into a studio—something I dreamed of for years, albeit the first experience in one was a little rough—and my mind is overflowing with decorative possibilities. While clicking around the Internet for inspiration, I came across a blog entry that asks, “Is Any Place Perfect?”

I read the article, did the assessment, and found out that all the things that make my ideal setting are right here in Houston. I wish there was a camera that could have captured my facial expression when I realized this! Have you ever had an Aha! Moment like this? Are you picking a part your current circumstances, telling yourself you can be happy if x-y-and-z were different? Is that feeding into your spiritual health or tearing it down?

I am not one who believes in coincidences. What I thought was just a moment of coming across an interesting article, actually was the Holy Spirit guiding me to what would make me more invested in being pleased with where I am. This isn’t perfect, and by no means I won’t ever find it. For now, it’s what is right for me.

Let go of perfect. It’s over-rated. Embrace the right now and thank God for it all!

~ Ashley



4 thoughts on “No such thing as “Perfect.” (Or, Embracing What’s Right for You)

  1. Dennis Cooper

    I just love this thought – embracing what is less than perfect in an imperfect world when we ourselves are imperfect…makes complete sense. I found you via Faith Village and LOVE your writing. Keep up the awesome writing in the Lord – you have a new reader 🙂 Dennis PS enjoy the new place!

  2. mrsshemama

    That “Aha” moment amazes me. He’s directing out paths even when it seems like the path is rollercoaster mounted by bubblegum.


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