3rd week of Lent: Not a total bust!

Well folks, some meat is back in the diet. I had a braised chicken leg with my dinner Monday (and some beef in my dirty rice today) since my last post. I don’t call this a total bust. Mind you, I did say that I wanted to commit to this fully, and I have faltered in my approach; but I see it as a genuine reflection of my walk in my faith. I am, and will always, be prone to walking off the desired path. It’s the longing to return, to try again, that I’m realizing is my testament this Lenten season.

Also, what I’ve noticed is that I don’t crave the meat often. I’m pacing myself with the seafood though, as I am prone to random allergies. More vegetables are a part of the diet…I’m still struggling with the fruits. I just don’t crave them or the acidity of it all.

My anxiety levels have been a little higher this week as well, but I’m humbled by the fact that I didn’t gravitate towards a feast to cope with it. My awareness of my body and the desire to treat it/myself better trumps it.

There’s still more days to go. How are you fairing?



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