After a brief failure…

This past weekend, I ate meat. Not because I simply couldn’t resist it, but because I was amongst family and they don’t cook without meat. It’s no one’s fault! I made a choice and still learned more things this second week of Lent:

  • When not consuming meat almost every day, as I once was, I am capable of identifying when I’ve had enough much faster. This cuts down on potential emotional eating because I just can’t consume any more.
  • My dietary adjustments do not have to adversely impact those around me—I am not doing this to point a judgmental finger at anyone about how they eat—but it can positively influence them to consider consumption alternatives.
  • Thus, I am to lead by example. Talk is cheap, action creates reactions.

My manager brought me a tuna sandwich for lunch yesterday. I am not big on tuna, but I appreciated the effort so much; and I ate it and felt good about the fact that the people around me are supportive. How are you doing with your Lenten journey?

Happy meat-free Friday!



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