“Lent,” spelled R-E-V-E-L-A-T-I-O-N

Hello friends! We are a week into this Lenten season and I must admit, I’m in a strange place. Not “strange” in a bad way, but definitely aware of how aware I am about some thangs.

As you were made aware last week, I have committed to pescatarianism for the entirety of Lent this year, not just on Fridays. At first, I just thought it was an effort in partial vegetarianism, simply avoiding meat. I quickly learned that it’s much more particular than that when I ran to Subway and could barely eat anything on the menu! Most importantly, however, I have been real with myself about the habit of emotional eating that I wasn’t fully aware I was developing.

Suspected, yes…but I feel like I have true confirmation now.

This past week has been rather difficult, with incidents happening one after another; so, instead of running out to grab something to eat for a quick emotional pick-me-up, I’ve had to sit with my feelings. And a rice cake or Somersault or two. I can feel how my stomach knots from stress, no longer mistaking it for my acid reflux. I can identify how my headaches increase when I’ve felt overwhelmed, not because I’ve had too much sugar. And the cuisines that I love to eat the most (Korean, Mediterranean and Mexican) have effectively narrowed down to what I truly can stomach—physically, financially and emotionally.

This is awesome. Completely awesome. I truly see it as a reflection of the Holy Spirit within me, showing me that He is the remedy for my dis-ease.

Although not rushing it, I’m in anticipation of what I’ll learn about myself once the 40 days are over. How are you fairing?



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