You and me, food…you and me…

Initially, I was going to give up tumblr, but Multifacetedacg exists because of the Internet—and much of my content finds goodies in the tumblr world. Food, however? Not so much.

I come from a long line of emotional eaters; and my love for food has been a battle for years. I honestly used to live to eat. I was physically active, so the physical ramifications didn’t manifest so fast on the outside, but my insides have suffered. They’ve suffered so much, in fact, that they need a bit of a break.

What could changing my diet up do for my emotional well-being? I believe it will further enhance my genuine desires to be well. Wellness is a personal thing, and we reach our personal nirvana, if you will, in different ways. I don’t want to have the hardcore stomachache after eating something fried anymore. I don’t want all my meals double-dipped in grease. I’m completely on the other spectrum from being a health freak, but I want to gain control over this.

So…why not start now? Are you observing this Lenten season? Let’s break bread—share what you’re removing and what you hope to gain!

~ Ashley


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