For several weeks now, I have been more committed to speaking positively. Optimistic energy is easier to grasp, if you will, when it’s coming out of my mouth. Something I am noticing is that it can make intention appear as intimidation. What does this mean?

It translates as unintentional pushiness. For example, IF you are conversing with someone who might be in a rut, you likely want them to feel better soon. Sometimes, in that genuine desire, your eagerness for them to see the bright side of things might make them feel worse. You might come off as being insensitive to their current circumstances. I have been guilty of this a time or two, especially while in this phase of trying to increase my awareness of God’s blessings in my life. Therefore, I make it a point to listen more and apologize when necessary—not when I’ve been told one is needed or if I feel like it’s needed.

How awesome would it be if we could take a swig of a special mouthwash right before we speak to someone in a situation like the one mentioned above? Or, at any time, for that matter? Well, I’m aware of a freebie mouthwash that anyone can use! Give prayer a try.

We’ve talked about the power of the mouth/tongue over the years in this blog, so I say with confidence that it is something we will reflect on many more times as long as this ministry lives! There simply won’t be a better “mouthwash” out on the market. Once equipped with Scripture and the Holy Spirit (who already lives inside of us), you’ll find yourself working harder to keep your mouth as fresh and clean as possible.

So, open the cap (the Bible) on your mouthwash and rinse well.





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