A Final Reflection on 2013

Dear Ashley,

This year was awesome. It hurt in a lot of ways. It blew your mind in a lot of ways. It made you think differently. You walked further into your identity, and further away from trying to figure things out all on your own.

Odd-numbered years have been rough for you for a decade. Nothing to worry about though—you definitely know that you are capable of pressing through them. I know that you learned to seriously invest yourself in leaning on the Lord more.

My desire for you next year is that you share God in more unexpected ways. You got a taste of what servitude can be the majority of this year, but the Holy Spirit tells me that it was a sample of how far He needs you to go to do His work.

You’re not finished with the training. You can’t run away from it, either. Holy Spirit claims 35 over you; and seven years to just watch and learn for the next step is a decent amount of time. Do not tell yourself that you’re not prepared or ready. You already know that you will be, in the name of Jesus.

Do not allow things to come between you and the calling on your life. Yes, you have free will, but you have a mandate. I trust you will stay on the right(eous) path.




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