BUST A MOVE! The Release of a Praise Break

My loved ones know that I’m prone to have a praise break at the drop of a dime. In a moment’s notice, the mercy of my Savior can make my eyes fill with tears and I’m jumping! Heaven forbid there is enough room for me to really cut loose–I’m liable to run, lol!

A praise break, as best as I can explain it, is an overwhelming fullness of the Holy Spirit in unison with our humanness, in total celebration of God’s goodness. Some might refer to it as being filled with the Holy Ghost, or being slain in the Spirit, but it’s unmistakable when you see it.

A praise break is not an “urban church” experience, but is definitely visible in the Black church community. This is why I’m sharing the clip below of a praise break at Lakewood Church, our country’s largest and most diverse place of worship. You’ll see jumping, you’ll see stomping, jazzy foot movements, swift instrumentation…a little bit of everything, honestly! *Kicks off a shoe and runs* GLORRRRRRRY!!!!!! It’s contagious!

Oh, and just for some good ol’ church humor, here’s a parody of praise breaks from The Playmakers!

So, go ahead, sing of His goodness with your whole person today. BUST A MOVE!

~ Ashley


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