Remember your purpose.

It’s August. Day 1 of a new month. Time for a pep talk!

There are only four months left in this year, and we are busier than ever.

Between work, your family, extra-curricular activities, school, church and everything else you’ve squeezed into the 24 hours you’ve been blessed with each day, you’re one busy person! Oh, don’t frown now—I’m poking fun at myself, too—just get back on task.

God didn’t create us to run ourselves ragged, He created us for His glory.

Remember your purpose.

Sounds simple enough, eh? Well, not so much. Many of us are guilty of becoming too busy for “that Christianity stuff.” You know what I’m referring to: dedicated time for reading the Bible, prayer and hearing from God. Too much of the worldly stuff can make the Godly stuff almost disappear. There’s a saying that’s along the lines of, “If you feel distance from God, ask yourself who pulled away?”

So, find your way back through Jesus. Starting TODAY (it’s a new month, why not?!), set a few moments aside to kick off your morning with prayer and/or Bible reading. Converse with the Lord like you would a friend allllllll day long. Seriously! (It can be done in silence, if it makes you feel better, lol.) Don’t slack in the most important relationship in your life. Remember your purpose.

What, am I alienating you by telling you to remember? I’ll be transparent—I needed reminding, too! I was reminded of during church service last night; and,by way of a phone call (out of the blue!) from Biola University, reminding me of my interest in the Apologetics program there. I hadn’t forgotten *clears throat* I just failed to prepare like the Holy Spirit was developing me to do. Amen for identifying reminders!

Well, that’s as “peppy” as it’s getting today. I’m drastically behind on writing and establishing the plan for the remainder of the year for the blog. It’s a lot of work, making sure that I contribute to your spiritual plate. I’m VERY grateful to be called to this ministry.

~ Ashley

P.S.  Suggestions and prayers are always appreciated!


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