I’m on the road to Recovery

Courtesy: ipaintiwrite.com

*Waving* My name is Ashley and I’m a Believer who struggles with finances and marital separation, but have been delivered from depression.

It took a lot to type that.

The great thing about sharing that, is it obligates me to (continue to) grow in ways I can’t imagine without Jesus. I began a journey, if you will, through the Beatitudes this past Friday and intend to keep my commitment to what it proclaims. Participating in Celebrate Recovery (CR) will help me do so.

I have not devotional to share but know that the changes my friends and family have witnessed in my life these past 9 months have been a testimony in and of itself.

To learn more about Celebrate Recovery, visit the website. If you are struggling with something—anything—perhaps this program will help you, too.

God bless!

~ Ashley


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