Signs of Faith

I believe that our lives are filled with awesome moments. Sometimes they are small enough for only us to know about; and sometimes, they are huge and can travel 65 years into the future within the loving folds of the Holy Bible. Wait, what?!

Meet Ms. Marion Shurtleff after the jump.

Amazing find inside of used Bible – Yahoo! Screen

To some people, this is just a cosmic/karma moment, but for Ms. Shurtleff, this is a sign from God of something great. Have you ever had a moment like this—something happened that reinforced your faith? How about the times that you attend church and the sermon seems to be just for you? Or, what about that unexpected sign from God you’d been praying about?

Sure, you might hear about stories of people finding the face of Jesus in bag of potato chips, but it’s no laughing matter. Wherever and however God reveals Himself to us is always awesome. How do I know? Oh…maybe because He revealed Himself to me in an 8th grade classroom years ago by appearing as Jesus with the crown of thorns inside the wall.

I know what I saw that day, and I remember hollering out in fear. I have not been the same…can’t ever be the way I was because of it either…thank God for that.

~ Ashley




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