Spam and Progress

In just two short years, TheSpiritedNerd has shared almost 300 messages. WOW.

Praise God for the gift of the Internet and the growth of ministry techniques! As reluctant as I was towards shifting in the direction of writing and teaching (my calling), I am blown away by that number. I mean, just add on a few more entries and I will have accomplished a milestone I had not even thought about until now: there is almost a message in this blog for every day of a regular year.

PRAISE GOD FOR OUTREACH! And spam. Lots of spam. You see, I receive many emails on a daily basis from spambots and the occasional person wondering why I promote Christianity (my faith, and the anonymity of email, guard me from being offended about the latter, honestly). So, for every step I make in moving the ministry further along, the more the spam increases.

So what am I getting at with all of this? I mean, it’s starting to sound like a mini-narcissistic celebration sprinkled with some random ‘Net jargon. Okay, here is the epic moment!

Are you ready?

Pen and paper prepared to jot this down?

*Clears throat*

For every day that God blesses you with, it is an opportunity to share your testimony. You are living your ministry. There will be “spam.” Delete it and keep making progress. BOOM.

*Drops mic and exits stage left. In a Moonwalk-like fashion, actually…*

~ Ashley


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