God works for the good of those who love him (Romans 8:28)

I’m coming off of a huge disappointment. Ideally, I wouldn’t present myself to you this way, but there’s a point in all of this.

For weeks, I’ve been keeping my family and friends abreast of my work towards the Teach and Learn in Korea Scholarship (TaLK). Everyone’s been very supportive and optimistic, but the past few days have…well…you saw the video.

In the midst of my sulking, I immediately reached out to my oldest sister and three of my beloved P31 Sisters. These women have prayed with me, and for me, every week at minimum for over 5 months, so I trust them with quite a bit.  So, while melting down with defeat, frustration and misplaced blame (it’s amazing what the mind can muster up when upset), I was encouraged to read Romans 8:28.

Bottom lip poked out and nose stopped up, I read the Scripture and felt (temporarily) worse! I was just blessed with a new apartment yesterday and I had the nerve to be upset about this? I felt awful for behaving the way that I was! My P31 Sisters reminded me that there is nothing wrong with feeling hurt and being human; but what they might not have realized is that their words and that Scripture put me in a much better mindset.

How often do you dismiss your growth because of one bump in the journey? Do you find yourself fretting, having first world problems, and not realizing just how blessed you are? In only 6 months, I’ve safely moved across country again, started a new job; incorporated a business, picked up a side hustle; teach dance (AGAIN! He gave it back to me!) and mentor high school students; achieved 3 magazine publications, and found an apartment that my family approves of. My tears were temporarily misplaced—God’s given me sooooooo much! TOO MUCH!

I love the Lord. This detour is temporary and, more than likely, is keeping me very protected from a danger I cannot imagine. I have already set my mind on re-applying this fall to the TaLK program for 2014. I believe that this opportunity is mine to experience and will still be mine next year. His works are not void.

~ Ashley


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