Media, Solitude and Lent?

I believe I have had an information overload.

From my new-found “Hallyu Fever,” to reading the sad news about those who perished in a Brazilian nightclub, I believe I’ll be stepping away from some media outlets during Lent.

Yes, I find it quite ironic that this is on my spirit, as I incorporate a lot of social media in marketing my business and freelance work. I have been making some efforts to improve upon how much time I spend online and what-not, but I know I can do better. It’s been at least a month since I’ve completed a good book; and my school work is more critical as I’m trying to close up my senior year at my university.

I will be praying about what to do, in short. I have a prayer sister who felt called to intercede for me on the topic of faithfulness, so I definitely feel like a shift is about to happen.

What are you feeling led to step away from this approaching Lenten season?

~ Ashley


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