Visit “Kids Without Religion”

Hello everyone! I wanted to share something interesting with you in the world of spirituality. Mind you, not all things “spiritual” are a direct correlation to what we, as Christians, profess!

While clicking around the CNN Belief Blog (one of my favorite spots on the worldwide web) I ran across a piece on Deborah Mitchell, a lovely woman who was raised Catholic but left the church/denomination in her 20s. Mitchell, now a mother, maintains an interesting blog that I believe you visit.

First, read the article on CNN, and then stop by her blog. What are your thoughts?

I must stress that going to visit her blog is not a call to “attack” or evangelize in any way that would make her and/or her readers uncomfortable. I simply want to encourage that we keep our hearts and minds open as believers and remember that God loves all His children, even if they deny His existence.

~ Ashley


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