Another reason to love “Man’s best friend”

It’s rare these days that I post on a Friday but I couldn’t pass this one up!

I am a dog lover. A big one, actually. I grew up with several pets but the dogs were always my favorite. Right now, back in the house I grew up in within the city limits of Detroit, MI, there lives a cutie-pie of an English Cocker Spaniel by the name of Wynston Barnabee Wilson. I miss him!

What ya lookin' at, Mr. Wilson?!

What ya lookin’ at, Mr. Wilson?!

Wynston, although a bit scary in his ways, is the sweetest little guy. And, now that my sister and I are out of the house, he is the loyal companion to my Daddy. I say all of this to say that dogs know their human and love them on a level we cannot fully understand. That deep, profound level of unconditional love is definitely a gift from God–they know in their bones that He is their everything (or at least I’d like to believe it). After all, what would drive a German shepherd to mass each Sunday?!

Read about Ciccio “the Faithful” here and consider sharing a bit about how an animal showed you God’s love below.

~ Ashley

Wynston says, "Bye!"

Wynston says, “Bye!”


3 thoughts on “Another reason to love “Man’s best friend”

  1. lenwilliamscarver

    What a wonderfully sad story…wonderful that he goes each day to the church, sad that he is missing her so much. I have a small minpin/yorkie two years old that was my daughters dog. After she died I brought him home and he helped me the first couple of months of grieving in a way I can not express. He is now my faithful companion and loves me unconditionally as I do him. Thank you ofr the great story and allowing me to share. 🙂

    1. TheSpiritedNerd Post author

      Thank you for sharing your story! Almost 4 years ago, my Mama helped my sister buy the cocker spaniel I mentioned above. Although he was my sister’s dog, he LOVED our Mama. When she passed away (almost 3 years ago), I remember just how depressed Wynston’s spirit was. Our furry companions have a heart and soul just like we do, and to see his heart breaking was life-changing for our family. We just didn’t know he’d know. God bless you, again, and thank you!


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