“If you’re a Christian, you’ve made me believe.”

It all started with the public declaration that I was planning to visit Lakewood Church this past Saturday.

While making sure my team would be able to function with confidence prior to running off to evening service, a coworker asked me what Lakewood was. I told her it was our country’s largest church and that, most of my life, I’ve been in church every Sunday.

Every Sunday?” She asked. I confessed that there were times when I wasn’t, but my upbringing was within the church. “Hmm. I’ve never been.”

“Ever?” I asked.

“Never, in my life.” The young lady made a face that looked a little uncomfortable and shrugged. “Do you find it to be a little strict?” A smile came across my face.

“Do you mean church or Christianity?” I politely asked, tilting my head as my smile became larger. She clarified by saying Christianity and then asked me a question I’d never been asked before: does believing make me a happier person? The question, or better yet the timing of such a question, tickled me! As a person who did not believe in happiness; and a person who is currently participating in a devotional about happiness, I immediately realized that the Holy Spirit ushered in this moment for me to minister to my coworker. “You know what I’ve learned? Happiness is an internal choice. These days, now more than ever, I’ve made a commitment to choose to be happy. The things that happen in [my] life that could be too much to handle, I rest on my faith to see me through.” She asked a few more questions of me and you could see the gears turning in her head.

Finally, she smiled back at me and said, “Those are the best answers I’ve ever heard. I never knew you were a Christian! You’re always so happy and smiling and polite to everyone. If you’re a Christian, you’ve made me believe.”

In the comforts of my beliefs, I had forgotten that there are people in much closer proximity than “out there” who are not willing to accept the Gospel as truth. Through my actions, not “preaching,” I brought someone one step closer to considering what Jesus can do. The greatest testimony is your integrity. The greatest testimony is letting the Light shine through you. No sermon is necessary when you live your life on purpose.

You don’t have to believe in God, but He believes in you. Let your walk do the talkin’, loved ones!

~ Ashley

P.S. Lakewood was absolutely incredible!


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