I’m thankful for…

For as long as I can remember, my late Mama always had the family write down at least three things we were thankful for each Thanksgiving holiday. As I became older and more involved in blogging, I started a more detailed list in poetic form. During the first year of TheSpiritedNerd blog, I kept it short and sweet.

Not this go-around. There’s too much I want to say.

So, before I get into it, let me simply say that I wish you all a peaceful and positively memorable holiday tomorrow!

Air, breath, life.

The capacity to remember yesterday with no inclination to look backwards

The fallout I had with my faith

The long road towards restoration

Falling in love with my Lord and Savior all over again

Dietary changes, both literally and emotionally

(I just won’t try to digest the same things I once did anymore)

Battle cries and stand-for-something-ism


Being in the right place at the wrong time

Second chances…for the millionth (perceived) time

Broken hearts and once jagged nerves

The capacity to stand again without the support of my cane

To Wobble on Thursdays in Burbank or dance with students in Houston

No longer complaining

No longer stuffing in my emotions on account of being able to say “I won’t complain”

The visual acuity to see just what the past three years meant to me

The yearning to return home, but the due diligence to not rush

The smell of popcorn and getting over a recipe that is lost for eternity

Musical reminders

Inside jokes

Real friends

Consistent friends

A prayer circle of sisters who believe that WE, too, can be Proverbs 31 women forever

The smell of pages of a paperback

Editors, friends and family who believe in my writing

Plans that have crashed and burned so that astronomically amazing ones can take flight

Someone to miss

Something to accomplish

Knees that can withstand 30 minutes bent in prayer

Skill. Knowledge. Wisdom.

And the courage that comes alone with it


~ Ashley




2 thoughts on “I’m thankful for…

  1. Carmen Fudge

    I love your list! It’s so—genuinesque. Like not the”deep” or overly zealous list of “what I’m thankful for,” but seeming to be truthful. You obviously have a lot to be thankful for!


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