D’oh! It’s late in the day and I’ve forgotten to log in and make my post for today. I got up, did my usual Monday conference call, then I started the draft of a client’s website; updated some tweets, checked in on a quote I sent out while listening to the Joyce Meyer podcast; and reviewed more resume submissions for the…wait, have I lost you?

It’s easy to see just why I needed some time away from blogging! Aside from the growth of a small business, I’ve had some conflicts with my faith that I’m sorting through with Jesus now. The unfortunate truth is that too much business (or busyness, for that matter) can put a huge wedge between faith and reason. Sure, technology allowed me to multitask and listen to a quick moment of a podcast, but I can admit that it’s been a while since I’ve made time to sit with my Bible and really study.

Today, in the midst of all you’re going through, when will you make time for the things that matter? I hope that your day will not become so crowded that you forget your faith, family and friends. Let the frazzle of my day be a sign to/for you…

~ Ashley


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