It’s almost time for my return…

Whenever I take some time away from blogging, it always feels…bad, lol. The fact that I didn’t announce my planned sabbatical in advance (like I usually do) just isn’t cool!

Since my last post on 8/28, I’ve taken some time to evaluate my approach for the blog in the upcoming months and the development of this ministry. I often take time to sit back and reflect on whether or not I’m doing the best I can when it comes to evangelism; and the honest answer is that I’m not.

Then again, none of us are.

So, devotional piece aside, here’s the updates for you, my lovely readers!

  • Blog entries will be posted Monday through Wednesday, and every other Friday starting next week
  • Mondays will consist of either a devotional/reflection or guest post
  • Tuesdays will consist of our scheduled lessons; Wednesday will be consisting of something within the realm of Open Learning
  • Fridays will consist of posts from around the web that I believe to be a benefit to our Christian walk

Simply setting this new schedule allows me room to better schedule my other responsibilities. Also, the growth of the ministry will be limited if I cannot create a sense of balance. With the demands of school becoming greater; and the focus for getting squared away for grad school and further development/training for the next thing God commands me to do, I believe you’ll find this schedule to be a good thing, too.

I’m off to enjoy the remainder of my “quiet week” (to be read as: web design, running 3.5 social media campaigns; submitting written pieces to my editors, outlining my book; taking on my Herbalife routine and planning travel to Texas…NOT MUCH…) and look forward to reconnecting with you next week!

~ Ashley



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