Prayer and Neuroplasticity

Devotional Monday, yeeeeehaaaaaw!

This isn’ t a “normal” devo but I found this interesting and wanted to share it. It’s more befitting for a Wednesday posting, but every day is an opportunity for open learning as it is.

I’m currently in biology at my Christian university so my mind’s on a science kick right now. I found myself wondering this morning if there is a science to prayer? Well, what better place to look than Psychology Today!

We are scientifically amazing beings, no doubt about it. Even though we can draw some conclusions about our genetic makeup, faith teaches us that we cannot fully comprehend the intricacy of our creation with acknowledging the Creator. This is not intended to spark debate about science being “right” or “wrong,” but simply an opportunity to experience a difference of opinion.

That’s what this blog is all about after all–opening our eyes to differences and finding the silver lining (God) in all of it. Enjoy the article and share your thoughts!

~ Ashley



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