Jesus: (Confused, stage left) “Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?” [Luke 2:49]

I believe I let it pass silently within the confines of this blog my concern with the Bible being replaced in hotel rooms with 50 Shades of Grey, but this is…different. Let me establish up front that I have mixed feelings about this: a pastor has completed a translation of the Bible in screenplay form and omitted the word “Christ” from its text.

As a lover of the arts, I believe this translation presents a formidable approach to bringing the Bible to mainstream audiences. Christianity has infiltrated all the arts in some form or capacity (side note: this is what I hope my graduate studies will be in actually, now that I’ve found the place to bring my understanding of the arts and my passion for the Christ cohesively together for His will.)

I’ve seen The Voice Bible—the church I attend retails it, along with other versions, in its bookstore—but never opened it up to see what’s inside. So, I stopped by their website to check out the translation style and I still have mixed feelings.

We have a multitude of translations (and, unfortunately, misleading interpretations) of the Word of God as it is. Nothing has been as controversial as 1993’s The Message, but this is sure to ruffle some feathers somehow. Do we really need another translation? And is it necessary to admit the fact that Jesus is Lord by not using “Christ” within the Bible?

What are YOUR thoughts?

~ Ashley


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