Be endued with power from on high! (Devotional Monday, yay!)

Be endued with power from on high!

Passage: Luke 24:49, ESV

I am currently living an obstruction-prone life. There are many circumstances, some of which I fully—and dumbfoundedly—injected myself into that have presented themselves as massive hills to climb. Nonetheless, I refuse to refer to this season as “unfortunate.” I have a deeper awareness of God’s protective love and care in my life and know that I am not alone. This deeper awareness, in fact, has made a spiritual obstruction more obvious.

The obstruction that needs to be cleared in my life is my lack of consistent time in the Word of God. I have improved upon the time I spend in prayer and fellowship with God, but I am not as diligent with reading the Bible. I have tried various translations, and even audio Bibles, but I have not found a system that comes as effortlessly as prayer does for me.

I intend to overcome this obstruction by starting a Bible study group. With additional accountability to helping my Christian sisters and brothers grow in the Word, I, too, will grow and move past this slump in my spiritual journey.


Father, thank you for your continued patience as I learn to depend on your Word, prayer and fellowship. Thank you, Lord, for your guidance. Amen.


~ Ashley


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