Be Proud! But…you know, not TOO proud…

Hi there! I am still moving things from my old laptop onto my new laptop, so our Tuesday Focus will have to be doubled-up next week. For now, I’d like to share something worth exploring in your own life.

Regardless of your feelings about sports, the Games of the XXX Olympiad is upon us. And, if you do care about sports and/or the Olympics, then you are certainly awaiting London’s attempt to out-do the Summer Games of 2008.

Hands down, the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony set a standard 4 years ago that exuded beauty and cultural pride. Thousands of professionals in the arts committed ten months to learning amazing choreography and showcase the cultural history of China. Being the cornball that I am, I get teary eyed every time I watch the clips from the ceremony–the artistic expression is incredible but the pride in their country is even more beautiful. (Want a refresher?

So how does this tie in with what I wanted to encourage you to look into? Well, as Christians, we have an unfortunate reputation of being a little too prideful. We are a large following and we believe in the one true God, so it doesn’t come as too much of a shock that we can get a bad rap. But when Anabaptist writer Kurt Willems dissected one of my favorite Chris Tomlin songs, I felt a bit of remorse. After reading his piece on “the syndrome,” what are your thoughts? How will you work on not being too prideful?

~ Ashley


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