A Day at Seminary

FYI: Today’s the last day of our Tuesday learning series! The final messages are at the very bottom of this post. *Smiles*

 Hey folks! So, the reason there was no Devotional Monday experience was because I had a grad school visit scheduled at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. It’s rare that I have lots of photos to share in this blog, so I hope you enjoy the pictures!

The visit, to say the least, was awesome. With an academic career as long as mine, I’ve definitely been on campuses of all sizes. So, I was pleased by the size of Fuller, as well as surprised by how comforted I was that the main campus is centralized. I began my journey in the David Allen Hubbard Library, their state-of-the-art educational hub, and met with other potential grad students for breakfast.

“What we do is always going to be a consequence of who it is we intend to become.”

The seminary has three award-winning schools: Theology (its oldest and largest), Intercultural Studies and Psychology. My Daddy has a good friend who just came out of a PhD program from Fuller’s School of Psychology, and some organizations I’m very interested in came from the developments of Fuller alumni. I had no idea what to expect—this wasn’t even a top choice for me—but by the time I left the potential student event, prayed in the meditation garden, and talked with my husband, I knew this is the place for me.

 I promise to keep you abreast of my admission progress with the seminary. I have some things that must be improved and further explored before I submit my application, but I can tell you with confidence that I will be kicking off January 2013 with my application to Fuller.

~ Ashley


Here’s our final lesson for this series!




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