The Spirit of a Woman

Not too long ago, I read that women are more capable of believing in God because we’re more open to having a sense of faith. I’m still deciding if I fully accept that statement or not; but I know that I love reading about women of all walks of life, sharing their hearts. Below are two celebs whom I admire and I wanted to share some info about.

Artist Alicia Keys has a blog on her official website that usually has highlights of what’s going on in her career. On May 30th, she shared a personal posting about the pain of saying goodbye…to her son when she leaves for work. I don’t know that pain, but I her honesty was amazing! I’m sure other moms who work outside of the home can relate.

Visit the Fan Page of one of my favorite women in the world: Jada Pinkett Smith. Between some of her posts for discussion, and her Red Table Talks (if you haven’t seen it, click here!), Jada is raw and appreciatively real. There’s a picture of her holding her daughter while they sleep (on a jet. Hey, I’m not even mad at it, God’s blessings are bountiful!) and it made me think of all the times my Mama held me while we traveled.

There’s not much going on in the blog on Fridays, so I think I might start posting info about women doing what we do best: letting God’s light shine through us. We don’t have to be millionaires to make a difference, and I intend to share that with you as often as possible.

Who inspires you? Or, what blog/website are you visiting that has an amazing woman behind the wheel?

~ Ashley


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