Valid Lies or Honest Muck?

I have a confession to make: removing curse words/foul language from my vocabulary has not been an easy road. The bad choice is more evident to me as I work on my first Christian fiction piece. I need divine inspiration and more creativity to avoid the cop out of using poor language.

Christian fiction, a genre that frequently receives mixed reviews, is crossing over into a realm where more writers are using curse words than ever before. Some say that it provides a more real aspect to the narrative. Scripture, however, tells us that the action is sinful and deceitful to the heart.

I agree with both and that, dear friends, is a conflict of interest. Blogger Mike Dellosso wrote in 2010 a piece on this topic that presented this interesting point:

I have had people who don’t profess an ounce of religion apologize to me for saying them in my presence? How ironic – a sinner aploogizing for the same thing a Christian author and publisher will defend, and not care about offending me – somegthing wrong there. It is sad that a sinner is worried more about offending a Christian, than another Christian. Very sad and pathetic.

What do you think: Can/should Christian authors use curse words in their writings? Does it bring more validity to the experience, or muck it up?

~ Ashley


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