Writing to Inspire!

I saw my name in print today. Well, e-print…but print nonetheless! A week ago, I committed to pursuing writing on a full-time basis. While God is developing me for the important behind-the-scenes aspect of teaching, He has fully opened the door for my writing to improve. So, when I received an email that said one of my stories is worldwide available now, it was humbling.

Teaching and writing, especially in ministry, go hand and hand. So, the more opportunities to grow, the better His glory will show! My name has been attached to pieces heavily within the Day Spa and Hospitality Industry (from which I transitioned out of at the start of this year)—this is the first piece outside of this blog (and the ministry website launching soon! PRAISE HIM!!!!!) that is mine and has nothing to do with my previous career.

DivineCaroline is a website driven by women of all walks of life, yearning to tell their story. My first feature with them, Accepting the Sand in the Glass, is the most honest writing I’ve shared outside of this blog. I hope you enjoy it and share it with others!



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