A new (academic) crossroad

On Monday, I start a new Module at school—this will put me exactly at the halfway point of completing my undergraduate degree in Biblical Leadership. I so excited! Yet I have a lot of prayer and focus to invest in as I plan for graduate school.

God has been clear about His will for my life. He wants me to teach, and He has revealed the avenue of Apologetics as my path. He has exposed me to various aspects of my interest and opportunities to teach through Christian fashion, fiction and non-fiction writing, public speaking and training and development. I understand that I don’t have to jump into any additional training if I so choose, but I see the crossroad.

I live in California, the state with the most schools in the country, and I have limited options for graduate study. I have made up my mind that I need to explore the schools here, as out-of-state fees have been a part of my academic life for a few years now. However, I am having difficulty sorting out how to go about the education aspect of my path. Does God want me teaching in the public, private or charter school system? Does He need me to study curriculum writing so that I can develop programs for others to use? Or, is it simply necessary for me to obtain a certificate or degree in Apologetics and work from there?

It’s all mucky right now. I want to stay committed to the big purpose so I’m resisting the urge to just jump at something. Then again, grad school application deadlines are fast approaching and I don’t have it in me to rush God for an answer. Been there and can’t do that, lol.

I ask for your prayers and well wishes that I focus myself and consult God for the ultimate answer on this journey.



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