Bring on CQVC please!

Have you ever watched QVC? You know, it’s similar to Home Shopping Network, but more finessed? (If that’s even possible? I guess it is–they don’t invoke sheer panic if you don’t make the purchase fast enough. Maybe that’s just old-school HSN, though? Sitting with the phone receiver in your hand so tightly that your knuckles are changing colors…all for a shawl with some beading…okay, I’m rambling…)

Anywho. I was vicariously watching the tidbit about Heidi Klum’s awesome jewelry line last night when I realized there’s a missed market: Christian QVC. And yes, this will be so much better than my last business idea, I promise!

QVC stands for “Quality, Value, Convenience” and broadcasts in several different countries. So, why hasn’t someone created this type of broadcast for the Christian consumer?! I mean, we love quality, value and convenience, so THIS SHOULD HAPPEN…LIKE LAST WEEK! Instantly, I was on the World Wide Web, using all my nerdy skills to dig up info on anyone who’s considered this before. And, as it turns out, I’m not the first person. And that’s okay! After all, the world of television broadcasting is vast, so there’s room for more concepts.

So yeah, that’s my contribution to your reading pleasure at this outlandish hour. Yes, I know I just talked about stress and sleep in a sense, but I took several naps thereafter. Don’t you judge me…

~ Ashley


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