Qualified for His Will…Not Ours

Passage: Colossians 1:9-14

During a recent time of unemployment, I found myself over- or under-qualified for many employment opportunities. I would advertise that my qualifications were sufficient to succeed in various employment capacities, but some companies were too worried that I would leave earlier than expected, or be let go. I could not understand why I did not appear to be a catch, so I spent some time trying to better understand what it meant to be qualified. Was it something that made me stand out from others? Or, was it meeting a set of criteria that deemed me capable of completing a particular task?

While reading Colossians, I found the word used in verse 12 and it seemed to magnify itself. Being qualified in God means that we have the credentials to succeed in God’s will and share that “inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of Light” (NIV). My desire was to be
qualified enough to secure employment that met my will; and, unfortunately, to pray for God to bend in my direction. This absolutely cannot be. With this knew understanding, I began to turn my prayers from pleading to thanking Him for the strength to withstand the experience and to be fully open to new paths. I witnessed Him act in my life faster than I could imagine and my time unemployed was short-lived. This is not an implication of prayers being instantly answered, but of the peace I was able to acquire once I understood that my actions were not pleasing to God. The only qualification that matters is that which equips me for His will. And I believe in my inheritance, so I will continue to remind myself not to stand in His way!

Prayer Focus
Lord, help me to surrender myself to you. Inspect my heart and show me any areas that I am still guarding for my own control. Help me to be completely obedient and willing to walk through whichever door you have provided for me. Help me to trust you enough to relinquish my own selfish plans. In the name of Jesus, Amen.


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