How to be a Christian Grown-Up

Witty writer Aaron Justice Chung delivered an interesting article on Relevant yesterday about what it means to go from the childlike approach to Christianity, to the big shoes side. (Click here to read the article!)

About midway into the breakdown of what steps we can take to grow up in our faith, Chung states, ” I spoke in Christian clichés and banal platitudes because I never learned the language of Zion.” (That’s one amazing sentence he has there, I tell you what!) It created a serious Wow-moment for me: am I an elementary level Christian, spatting off banal platitudes, too?

We are all capable of falling into the comforts of repeating what he/she/they say versus drawing directly from the Bible (and properly, might I add…forgive that tone of voice, it’s the stress of my Hermeneutics course…) and spreading some unequivocal truth. It’s time we get past just drinking the milk, people!

What do you think of Chung’s message?

~ Ashley


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