Fat Tuesday!

It’s upon us, folks, the Lenten season is virtually here!

Last year, I successfully walked away from social networking and found myself refreshed by NOT being plugged in at all times.  In fact, the death of my Blackberry (not too long after last year’s Lent) was a blessing in disguise, as it keeps me from being on social media too much.

This year, however, I am going to attempt to resolve a bad habit…again…for, at least, the fifth time: cursing.

Matthew 12:37 tells us that our words can justify and condemn us, so I’ve got some serious work to do.   I have slowly improved upon this habit over the course of a decade, but I have not risen above profanity when angry or frustrated.

A close friend of mine once said that people curse because it was a something they witnessed as a child that reflected being an adult.  Mind you, when most of us who curse actually started doing it, we had no true understanding of most things “reserved” for adults.  We might have watched the grown ups smoke a cigarette or possibly drink an alcoholic beverage (which we either decided smelled bad or was too great of a risk to try because it smelled bad); but, we were more willing to try out the new profane words we heard amongst friends.

It didn’t leave a smell to be traced.  In fact, it left nothing behind that was immediately traceable.  So, it’s the habit that sticks the most.

I cannot wait to share the journey with you and reflect on it after Lent.  What will you be giving up?

~ Ashley


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