Edifying the Lord with Quality Time

Oh yeah, it’s Devotional Monday!

Passage: Psalm 34:1-10

I spend a great deal of my time in my head.  It is not something that I…well…think about, for lack of better terms, but it is a necessity of my day.  Those cerebral moments allow me to reflect upon my past, embrace the gift of the present, and hope for tomorrow.  These moments, however, pale in comparison to giving God the quality time He deserves in my life.  I am not remotely as good at this as I would like to admit.

This passage tells us that praise should continually be on our lips (v1)–this is achieved by devoting time for prayer/meditation and studying of the Word.  Our walk as Christians depends on this, as this is how we strengthen our faith and equip ourselves to confidently traverse this side of living.  I understand this, and I am working to improve my walk.  Ultimately, I want to return to where I was the months prior to the passing of my Mama.

Almost two years ago, my mother unexpectedly passed away due to complications from a routine procedure.  Prior to her passing, I had made a commitment to give God as much quality time as I possibly could each day.  I read my Bible for at least an hour twice a day.  I prayed more fervently.  My demeanor did not just exude the Spirit, but my words as well.  I was coming to a point of accepting the call on my life to teach the Bible when Mama passed.  And, although time and God’s love for my family and me continues to heal that wound, my spirit was broken.  

There are other things that contributed to creating space between God and me, but I am to call out to my Savior and anticipate deliverance (v4).  There is healing, comfort and blessings that come by way of edification.  I believe God knows me by name and that His promises–the Word–are my inheritance.  Therefore, I am recommitted to giving Him all the time He needs.


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