Faithful Blogging Prompt #35:  What are three things you would tell a new believer who is struggling to let go of their “old” life?

A few sermons ago, I was sitting in church listening to the altar call, praying that a soul in need would recommit to Christ.  As the pastor spoke about the beauty of being born again, he began to share some other things that…well, could possibly keep a person glued to their seat.

Do you want to keep on partying, or live a good life?

Do you want to want to be out there in the world, or walk the straight and narrow?

He might as well have asked, “Do you want to be a boring, uncool Christian?”  Yikes.  Have you ever taken a moment to listen to how we promote a relationship with Christ?  It can be so lackluster!  And if you are a new Believer, I am not convinced it makes things any easier.  Therefore, I am adamant about helping people remember that Christianity is cool and well worth sacrificing your “old life” for.

#1  We have life in Jesus Christ

You don’t get too far into Genesis without the realization that there was no life prior to God saying so.  None.  Zip, zilch, nada.  You ever wonder why your friend, coworker or loved one is often jumping from one thing to the next–a new job, relationship, or car?  Maybe that someone is you?  Well, Christians know that this is because life cannot be found in these things.  Sure, duty can, but not true living.  That is only obtainable through the blood of Jesus.

#2  The straight-and-narrow is anything but boring

By walking the righteous path, we find ourselves involved in extraordinary things, such as mission work, encouraging better living for those around us; philanthropic endeavors and learning new things.  The way of the world encourages us to do all we can to build ourselves up singularly, but being a Christian leads us in directions to build as a plurality. 

#3 There is purpose in your life when you have a relationship with God

Relationships trump religion, period.  The religion of Christianity is many things that can eventually lose meaning for: going to church, observing Lent; the Advent; hymns, etc.  The relationship, however, cannot.  Why?  Because the relationship demands commitment from the heart and soul, not through pomp and circumstance.  For example, setting up a nativity scene for the month of December with (or without) the 3 wise men won’t stand in the way of praise and worship.


I don’t know about you, but I’m sticking with my cool status.  And I am more than happy to embrace these things because they are true.  If you don’t believe me, start cruising through your Bible.  It’s all in there!

~ Ashley


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