Broken Blackberry…for Jesus?

A poem for your enjoyment.

No, a prose, that, hopefully, doesn’t seem overly dramatic.  (After all, I naturally talk rather inquisitively so prose might not be the best word either…)

*Clears throat and drops head in defeat*  My Blackberry is straight trippin’.  It could not have come at a better time either.

On Monday, it will be its 16 month of being my primary means of communication with loved ones near and far.  But, it’s taken all that it can stand.  I’m rather frugal about getting things for myself (unless it’s food) so the initial purchase of this phone was painful enough.  Now, the cost to have it replaced is making me bite at my fingernails and question its relevance.

Do I really need to be able to receive all my emails as soon as they come, or can I get back to having times in the day to do that?

Am I really missing that much on Facebook and Twitter?

Isn’t a phone supposed to be for calls only?

It’s currently disassembled on my desk and I find it somewhat soothing.  Being wired in so often can really get in the way of enjoying the peace and quiet.  (Or what’s left of it.  Did you realize it’s disappearing?!?)  And, since I’m more wired than I was year ago, my anxiety levels have increased.  I’m constantly clicking the phone to see if I’ve missed something.  Anything.  I’m sending and receiving text messages at all hours of the day.  I can dictate the importance of app updates just by the sound the phone makes.

It’s a little too much.  Where in the noise is Jesus?  What can I simplify in my life to better hear Him?  What’s standing in the way of your time with God?

We’re more willing to alter our schedules around television shows, radio segments, emails, social media and surfing the Internet more than most things these days.  Technology is an amazing thing, be it computer-based or as simple as the mechanics of a bicycle; but we are not to lose sight of the direct connection we have with our Savior.

He doesn’t need a BBM, tweet, text, FB status update, AIM message, Skype convo…none of it is necessary.  The call we make to Him is never challenged by poor signal strength, disconnections or long-distance charges.  How blessed are we to have a direct [prayer] line straight to Jesus!

As I sit here and decide if I’m going to replace this gadget for one just like it, or for one much more simplistic, I’m going to embrace the silence.  I already believe the conversation God and I will have is going to be awesome…I can hear it now…

~ Ashley


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