Subcategories of Atheism?

While clicking around Urban Faith, I read an article about atheism in the black community.  My MIL and I talked about atheism just a couple of days ago, so I found the timing of this article interesting.

Atheism (not to be confused with agnosticism) definitely does not have a color and isn’t short on people who don’t believe. (Although, wouldn’t that be a belief system?)  The atheist is not incapable of becoming a believer, but the zeal for resistance is what’s intriguing to me.

This is not an attack on anyone who has different beliefs than me, just an observation.

I’m interested in reading your thoughts about the article.  Please share!

~ Ashley


2 thoughts on “Subcategories of Atheism?

  1. Hunter

    I am an atheist so where you said The atheist is not incapable of becoming a believer, is true sometimes i try to believe but it is just not in my nature. So i can’t. Although a lot of people say that atheism isn’t a religion, but i don’t see why.

    1. TheSpiritedNerd Post author

      Hi Hunter! “Religion” is anything that a person subscribes to as their belief system. A God-figure isn’t always an equation of that…just as the person who studies religiously in order to achieve their definition of good grades. Our beliefs have the capacity to change throughout our lives so anything is possible. Thank you for stopping by!


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