Cluck-cluck for Jesus

I’m giving someone a chicken.

My Mother-in-love has been having fun with me, skimming through various catalogs with life-changing gifts to those in need.  We spent a few moments just the other day talking about heifers (*chuckles at an earlier comment* “It can’t be pronounced that way, mom, it’s got to be high-fur.”) and chickens, so it’s been on my mind rather heavily.

Therefore, I want us to give a family in need two chickens from World Vision.  Learn more after the jump.

Isn’t that just wonderful?!  *Blows nose and wipes tears*  What can our chickens do!

I cannot wait for The Spirited Nerd to make its first donation!  This is a small ministry, but what we do is awesome, regardless of the size.  So, how do we make this happen?  It’ll take a little donation from all of us.

The word of God tells us that we are to do good unto others, and not turn a blind eye.  The parable of the good Samaritan is especially popular during this time of the year, but Luke 10:25-37 is a great example of how we need to carry on with one another daily.

On Friday, December 2nd, I will share a donation link with everyone.  There will also be a dedicated space on the site that tracks our progress.


Please consider joining me on this awesome adventure.  Pray about this and trust what God shares with you.  Simply spreading the word with others is a contribution!

~ Ashley


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