Guest Feature: Letter to the Christian Believer

This letter is from my mother-in-love (or, for some of you out there, mother-in-law, lol), so I’m honored that she was willing to share with us.  She is on an interesting journey of faith, perhaps you can relate?!

Letter to Christian Believers:

It is that simple, I can’t see.  No, I am not blind, or without sight, yet I can’t see.  What I am referring to is I am unable to see my way to believe. I live in a world that has become increasingly toxic and everywhere you turn the signs of hope are waning.  It is hard to believe in what I can’t see. I can’t see my way to believe.  I am fighting my way through addiction, abandonment, abuse, depression, grief, hopelessness, homelessness, hurt, joblessness, loneliness, and a feeling of unworthiness.  These emotions have a dark cloak in front of me as I yearn to believe.  So, I fight to believe.

My heart cries out the words found in Kirk Franklin’s song “Help Me Believe”.  The simple words:  Help Me Believe, Can I Believe, Let Me Believe, I wanna Believe.  So, each day I look for a reason to believe, a sign that belief in God will garner me the peace I seek.  So I made the conscience decision to observe the life of the Christians I encounter every day; those who confess to be believers, those who confess to know the Word of God, those who confess to know Jesus for themselves.

I focus my sight on the ones that confess to believe.  Surely they will lead me through the heaviness I feel and guide me to the place where I can begin to believe.  I begin my journey following you, the one that is going to share the Good News, the one who is going to testify of his goodness, the one who is able to show through their rejoicing that they have fought their way through the same valleys of which I reside.

What?  I am trying to follow you but I can’t see the light.  As a Christian I thought you would be a beacon of light so that others can see the way to eternal life through Jesus Christ.  Instead as I follow you I recognize we are travelling through the same valleys I long to escape.  I never hear daily praise from your mouth only complaining flowing from your heart.  I hear you judge those who don’t know the Lord as if you are better than them.  I witness you claim to be a new person but you have not turned from your old ways.  I can’t see.

I can’t see to believe.  Christian Believers, those who are struggling to believe are watching your light.  Is your light strong enough to warn of the every present danger that exists in the world?  It is an awesome responsibility to share the good news as Christ instructed, to shepherd someone into the Kingdom of God.

So my question to you today is how powerful is your light?  Has the weight of the world caused your light to dim?  I challenge all believers to strengthen their light by studying the Word of God.  The Word is power! 

Help Me Believe.  You never know when someone is following your light….let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. 


Someone who wants to believe

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