Tuesday Lesson: Born for a New Beginning

I’m not going to lie: homework can be a pain.  You’re probably aware of this, too.  BUT!  When your homework revolves around developing oneself into a teacher of the Word?  Well…the pain is in the solo experience.

Therefore, I’m sharing some of my homework with you!  Now, now, don’t run from this–there is much for you to learn about God, too!  I’ve always held firm that I you can’t strengthen your relationship with God just by reading my blog, so jump in with me.

So on Tuesdays, expect to see another newsletter link so you can: 1.) know what I’m learning and hold me accountable to teaching the Truth, 2.) learn more about what it means to be a member of the body of Christ, and 3.) share it with your loved ones.

Happy homework!  (Wait, would it be, ‘Happy Homework Time’ or ‘Happy studying?” Eh…whateva, lol!)

This week, we’re studying: Born for a New Beginning



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