Be Still…or else!

I’ve got a stiff neck.  At 5 o’clock this morning, I was awaken by pain.  Not one to often sleep on pillows to begin with (had my first experience with this neck pain in 1999 and it scared me away from pillows then) I was QUITE shocked, to say the least, that it happened.

I am chalking it up to God wanting me to be stillI cannot get any more still than a stiff neck, lol.

My mother-in-love, therapist, and a host of caring folk all have suggested (begged, demanded…the usual) that I be still at this time so that I can hear from God.  I’ve done as much protesting as I possibly can muster up; and, I continue to be defeated.  I’m angry with my Father, but because He knows that I’m aware of His calling on my life, He’s not just sitting down quietly and waiting for me to run back to Him.

He is a fisherman, ladies and gents, and when those who are His know Him, He doesn’t just let us run wild and crazy.

So, as I slowly make my way back to sharing spiritual insight and my usual nerdisms with you, please take a moment (SOON!) to be still and hear from the Lord.  Listen to what He wants for you.

Least you end up like me…don’t say I didn’t warn you!




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