Guest Feature: Being True to Yourself

I’m SO pleased to introduce my sister-friend, Sharina Cromartie, to you all!  We attended high school together and have become very close over the past two years.  She shares, “I am Sharina L. Cromartie. I am new to blogging. Old to writing. New to sharing. I hope you follow me on my journey of letting it all hang out and get something along the way from my words!!! All glory to God!!!  🙂 “

Please visit her blog at

I found myself contemplating what I would say and it slowly came to me. I am a weird, peculiar, artist that has not fully fit in no matter how much I have tried. When you are created to stand out the internal battle becomes “Why can’t I fit in and be like everyone else?” The answer is simple: You weren’t meant to.
At the center of my being is a knowing I refer to as God but who is called many things as I have witnessed. My God is Love. Love transcends color, race, religion, social status, and every other limitation the world has put in place to keep us divided as a people. At the same time Love is what we all need to unite as the Human Race that we are. Love accepts, understands, and celebrates life. Whatever ones life may entail is what it is. The past cannot ever be changed & everything always happens as it is suppose to. It should not be judged for the True Judge is the orchestrator of it all. In a world that judges every aspect of our lives it would be a breath of fresh air to witness acceptance of all vs. judgment of all. The same judgments that cause people to mimic others can be turned to acceptance and love so that we can all stand in confidence of who we are! If only everyone would stop looking around and decide to look within and be true to what they find. The world would have to change for the better.
Inside all of us there is good. The level of good may vary from person to person depending on age, life experience, and belief; but some form of good is present. Let us release the good and move away from the bad. The more we do the more we show others the benefit of doing so for themselves. We are the change we are looking for if we begin now. Love you all, Never far from my heart, and Always in my prayers. ♥

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