Take it to Jesus…QUICKLY.

I had a serious complex.  When God pulled me out of two exceptionally painful experiences, my praises went up in greater haste.  My complaints, however, kept on moving forward.

That’s just downright ignorant.  Yup, I said it!  What kind of paradoxical “peace” was I trying to strike?!

A few weeks ago, I honestly had a pity party for my complaining ways.  I fussed with God about myself and my frustrations.  I sent it to Jesus as fast as I could and desperately begged for help.  I want to be more than this, I honestly confessed.  And, just like He always does, He’s sent opportunity after opportunity for me to exercise some self-control.

It’s not easy, but I’m better for it.  There’s just this one little issue still standing, though: toxic friends.

Titus 1:16 reminds us that there are many people who act like they know God but fail to show it in their actions.  I’m convinced that constant complaining is a definite action that goes against knowing Christ.  So, if I’m working harder to show that I’m not of this world, how can I continue to hold on to those who haven’t made that transition?

I feel like it’s abandonment.  If it weren’t for the faith of others around me, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I was open to the Word, however…some of these friends of mine aren’t.  I just want to tell them to run to Jesus with it all and quickly!  Hand it over, for the love of Christ!

Photo courtesy of reverbnation.com

How does the song go?  “Jesus can work it out if you let Him!”  Let’s not be Job’s wife anymore, friends, I know a much better place to be in!  *Claps hands* “I don’t have no doubt, the Lord’s gonna work it out!”  WORK IT OUT, people…hand it over to Jesus.  Take it to Jesus…QUICKLY.


P.S.  Dont’ forget to watch your mouth while you’re at it, too, lol!



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